Wang Fu at Serendra BGC, casual Chinese food for families

Wang Fu: Casual Chinese Food for Families

12 August 2015

One relaxing evening, after a not so relaxing time with my toddler who was running all around Bonifacio High Street; my family decided to try this new place beside Conti’s. I’ve heard of this restaurant for some time but this was my first time to try it out. Just from the outside it does look inviting and exuded a casual vibe.

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Yakimix PRIME: A New Buffet Selection at BGC

Yakimix Prime at Bonifacio High Street

2nd Floor, Wumaco Building, BHS, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

The problem with BGC is that the food scene has a very limited buffet choices in the area. If you are the kind of person who likes unlimited choices and selections, then BGC may not be the place for you. But things may be taking a turn for the better with the opening of Yakimix PRIME at Bonifacio High Street. So as a treat to my sister for finishing her review classes, we decided to take her out along with my kids to the newly opened buffet joint.

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Coca: Thai Cantonese at SM Aura

Coca Restaurant: Thai Cantonese at SM Aura Premier

December 2013

One of the unique things about the bustling food scene at Bonifacio Global City is the wide array of tastes that cater to anyone and everyone. With the recent opening of SM Aura, an additional avenue for the palate tasting types was again populated with several new choices.

logoCoca Restaurant, 5F SkyPark, SM Aura Premier, BGC Taguig

There is no question that the new SM mall caters to those who can afford to pay, and yes it really does feel a few notches above the rest. In one of our family lunches, we decided to try something new and something different. I actually chose the place on a whim, based on something I faintly remember reading online about the restaurant. It says that it was a Thai-Cantonese fusion restaurant. I like Thai food and Chinese food so perhaps both would be really good together. Continue reading

SLICE: A Slice of Heaven at BHS Central

SLICE @ Bonifacio High Street Central
19 October 2012

Wifey texted around 4:00PM telling me that we were once again invited to do a food review for OpenRice, was baffled because I still had two pending reviews. Nonetheless, due to her insistence and probably because I also wanted to pig out, I agreed to do it; the place is somewhat familiar to everyone by this time. The restaurant at BHS Central owned and operated by Senator Pia Cayetano, an ardent health buff and advocate; SLICE. I was intrigued and excited by the concept and the buzz.

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Conti’s Serendra: Home-cooked Tradition

Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant

Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

24 July 2012

Since it opened a few years back, Conti’s has become a crowd favorite for diners at BGC. We are patrons of their excellent home-cooked cuisine due to their relative affordability and the quality of their food. When you visit, you feel like you’re eating at the house of someone familiar, perhaps a friend or a loved one. Familiarity is something that Conti’s tries to market and they sell it well. Continue reading

Gelatissimo Serendra – Heaven on Earth

Gelatissimo – Serendra, BGC Taguig

24 July 2012

After a hearty dinner, we decided to have dessert at our favorite gelateria – Gelatissimo. I first tried this gelato joint a few years back when they opened at Greenbelt and I must say I fell in love with their gelato immediately. Just a heads up to those who are not familiar with gelato, it’s much creamier than ice cream because it has less fat and denser because it has less air. Continue reading

Aracama BGC: A New Take on Filipino Cuisine

Aracama, Filipino Cuisine

The Fort Strip, BGC, Taguig

It’s another OpenRice Eats-a-Date event and we got invited again. I was really excited to see what happened to the former Embassy although I’ve never been to the said club, just for the mere fact that it was a newsmaker during its time. I often pass by the Fort Strip and noticed the said restaurant, but I’ve always been intimidated by the establishments at the Fort Strip due to financial constraints.

The sofa and the reception at the entrance evoke Filipino familiarity as if inviting the diner to take a peek and try whatever they are offering.

We were told to wait at a table at the ground floor, behind it is a wall fully covered in leafy wallpaper, which was very soothing to the eyes, the interiors were very nice. The place was very traditional but with hints of modern design. Continue reading