Denny’s American Diner Comes to Manila

Denny’s American Diner

Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig City

1 March 2017

It came quietly to Manila, the American style diner – Denny’s came with little fanfare but people were raving because of its following in the US. Now we get to try their menu and see what the fuss is all about.


Basically, it was a family night out with my kids, so we really had their diner specials of waffles, eggs, sausages and the like. But first, the interiors will be reviewed as usual – and it really had a home style diner vibe. My mom was saying it was like the same in America, and it complemented the easy, comfortable atmosphere of family dining.

Now on to the food! We ordered four (4) separate menu items and we see what they are and how good/not so good they are.


Breakfast Skillet (PhP335)

Good. I love this, really yummy  breakfast sausage, and the rice was good as well. Simple and filling, the quality of their bacon was excellent. If I have to compare with the other diner joints, theirs was crispy and just the right oiliness.


The Grand Slam Sandwich (PhP395)

Good. Heavy and the meat, eggs, etc, blended quite well. The fries are also good. I liked the fries very much, just tasted the sandwich and I was just not in the mood for it perhaps.


Skillet Wrap (PhP335)

Yum. Overflowing with cheese, tons of rice and nacho beef filling. Really nice. Would come back for this one, especially if you’re super hungry.


Belgian Waffle Slam (PhP385)

My daughter fell in love with this, the waffle was extreme! It was crispy without being dry and with a right tinge of fluffiness. Super yum, with their maple syrup it was such a hit. For the price, I’ll go back and pay just to have it again.

FINAL WORD (3.5 out of 5)

It’s good. Out of the places that popped up around BGC, this is a welcome place to eat home style American food. You may ask why I didn’t give a higher score, the prices really are a bit on the high side.

Next time we’ll try other menu items, maybe the steak/ribs to have a better perspective on what they serve. But this initial visit left a smile on our face. And we would definitely come back again.


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