Tender Bob’s: Meat Plus Cafe in Manila

Tender Bob’s
Greenbelt 2, Makati

07 December 2013

If any of you have gone up north to Subic, for sure you’ve tried or at least heard of Meat Plus Cafe, a local steak house popular with the locals and the tourists as well. It’s a very homey and familiar steak house that evokes a southern comfort vibe.        signTrue enough and it was only a matter of time before they would expand and join the ever growing Manila food scene. As they have already opened for quite a while, and a bit of buzz has been made; I will try to provide a glimpse of what they have to offer on my family’s second visit to the steak joint.


Onion Rings

While waiting for our food, we ordered Onion Rings and when it came we had something good to munch on. It was crispy and they used huge onions, although some were a bit greasy we were happy with what we had.

The interiors looked like it was inspired by a Western film but with a more modern take, really looked like a grill house or a tavern which perfectly fits the atmosphere that they wish to achieve.


We ordered steak of course, given the wide selection you would have a hard time picking what you think tastes good based on the pictures alone. I was unable to take a picture of my wife’s T-Bone Steak, but it was good tender and cooked just right there were some portions that were a bit gummy but it’s alright the overall taste level was superb.


Baby Back Ribs

This was what my sister ordered and it was really really good. The meat was well-cooked and tender, the blend was flavorful not spicy at all with a bit of tang. I love the texture and consistency of the meat, this was a pleasure to have tried, and as you can see we already ate a lot when the picture was taken.


Roasted US Beef Belly

Now, this was what I had and I have to say I was definitely satisfied. The meat was impeccably cooked, there was no toughness that hampered the steak tasting experience, all I have to say is they really did themselves proud by bringing the chain to Manila. The meat was perfectly salted and the gravy was heavenly. I would have this again on our next visit.

kiddie_chickenChicken Strips – Kiddie Meal

Now for my daughter, we tried the chicken strips as chicken is her vaforite. It was OK, nothing extraordinary but we weren’t expecting anything that would blow our minds since this was from the kiddie menu. She was happy and we were fine with that.

lemonade_iceteaIce Tea and Lemonade

The drinks were also good, I asked if the ice tea was house blend and they told me it was. For sure, it wasn’t the one you get from a sachet from the grocery. It tasted great. I even got hints of honey.

The Final Word

If you want a casual family dine-out experience then I highly recommend going to Tender Bob’s for their flavorful meat and the cozy and warm feeling of a steak house out in the country but right in the middle of the city.



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