Don Day Fresh Korean Grill: A Taste of Korea in the North

Don Day Fresh Korean Grill and Buffet

Sunshine Boulevard Building, Scout Santiago cor. Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

21 December 2013

After a long hiatus, I will now be posting a review for a restaurant we tried one Saturday lunch. Due to the Christmas rush, our trip from Taguig to Tandang Sora took almost two hours, on our way home, with reservations whether we’ll survive the traffic or not, we decided to eat lunch first at Don Day, as we had wonderful food when we first visited a few months back.

The Spread

The spread was very generous, it was separated into two stations, one on each side of the restaurant. It was a great deal as there were several selections to choose from, and a feast for the eyes as well. One of the things I like about Korean food is that the array of colors is a sight to behold, aside from the taste it’s also a beauty to look at.

buffet_spreadYou would have a hard time deciding on what to try, I recommend to take tasting portions first and then after eat what you want. When I counted there were about 20 choices that were provided, so it’s a selection you have to really dissect to know what best suits your palette.

my_plateChapchae, the crystal noodles was perfect and one of the best I’ve tasted.

buffet_spread_00The Kimchi was just right, great for people who doesn’t want that too spicy taste. Personally, I’d prefer it to be spicier but I liked the fact that it as fresh and the cabbage was not soggy.


korean_tortaLooks like Korean torta, wasn’t able to taste this but the first time I visited I liked it.


buffet_spread_01The spread for the grilled beef, you wrap the grilled beef in any of these vegetables. Customized Korean food of your choice. Only applies if you avail of the buffet with beef (PhP447.00)

My Plate

my_plate01I think I had three full plate servings, it was a delight and was SO GOOD. The first time we came, we thought we would pass by again if ever we were in the area and I kept my promise and tried it again.

myplate myplate01

The Grill

grillerThe best part was the grilled MEAT, you had two choices pork and beef as this is also the basis of the price of the buffet. Buffet and Pork (PhP350) and Buffet, Pork and Beef (PhP447).


meat_selectionThe pork was so tasty, if you overcook it what you’ll get is a bacon like consistency and if you cook it well enough, so tender and juicy. Now the beef is in another level, whatever part they used was truly superb, once it cooks you’ll have one of the better beef experiences you’ll ever have. And they never scrimp on what they give you, as long as you ask for it, it will keep on coming.


grilling_the_meatPork and Beef on the Grille

Final Word

If you want a filling Korean Grill fix at a relatively budget friendly rate, then go and try Don Day. This is our second try and I will definitely come back, even as it is quite far from home. The meat was superb, the ingredients were fresh and the dishes were nicely prepared. They also recently renovated and is now twice the space that they used to have.

For the meat alone, it’s worth going and the Chapchae, which has become my favorite Korean dish. Two thumbs up and highly recommended!

Buffet + Pork = PhP 350

Buffeet + Pork + Beef = PhP 450

Bottomless Red Ice Tea = Php 50


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