Il Ponticello: A Little Night of Music

Il Ponticello: A Little Night of Music

15 October 2012

We went to Il Ponticello for their themed dinner, Couple’s Date Night, which happens every Monday evening and is suppose to be an enchanting evening of music, romance and dining. The place was all set for a romantic ambience with a piano man and dimmed lighting. The establishment has earned rave reviews including several awards as one of the better restaurants in Manila.


The restaurant was nicely decorated, the atmosphere exuded a certain level of exclusivity and as marketed, the place was a without question, a fine dining restaurant. I love the interiors of the restaurant, it exuded romance and the lighting was superb and complemented the romantic mood.

But I have to say that you would not expect it to be there since it’s quite hidden within the business district. Even inside the building you still have to go the second floor and be surprised by the location of the restaurant, unlike some establishments, which are easily accessible and can be easily noticed from afar.


Formaggio Fondente; layers of spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella, oven baked and served with garlic crostini. PhP 290

They served this beautiful appetizer to us but it was just OK. The cheese was overwhelming but you must be reminded that it must be eaten together with the spinach, as it tasted one-dimensional with just one of each.


Piccante; mozzarella, spicy salame and rucola.

This pizza, I thought was really good, the crust was perfect with just the right texture coupled with the greens and the meat proved to be a winner for me. It was good enough to grab my attention and it was beautiful to look at.

Polpette alla Siciliana; topped with meatballs and mozzerella. PhP 450

The meatball pasta dish was acceptable, the meatballs itself was tender but it lacked a defined flavor; the pasta sauce was just right. I was expecting more but it didn’t achieve what could have been since the meatball itself was decent but somewhat lacking in flavor, if it was infused with something more then it would have been a great pasta dish.


Asparigina Parmense; parma ham and asparagus spears in a light asparagus cream sauce. PhP 430

The parma ham was tasty and the dish was creamy, I am not a fan of white sauce so I just let this pass; I tried it and that was it for me.


Torta al Formaggio; cheese cake topped with berries. PhP 200

The blueberry cheesecake was ordinary and it was too expensive, it was smooth, which was a good sign but the taste was also lacking something; there was no unique flavor and I wasn’t floored by the beautiful creation.


Panna Cotta; baked cream with strawberry syrup and seasonal fruits. PhP 210

This creamy creation was better than the cheesecake and I liked the different fruits that came with it, just choose whatever fits your taste buds. It wasn’t over the top but way better than the cheese cake.


I was a bit disappointed by Il Ponticello, it was just plain and boring for me, except for the well-appointed interiors and the romantic ambiance there’s no reason for me to come back. My unenthusiastic review may be because we didn’t try their signature dishes but I say, the mark of a great restaurant is the consistency in taste level regardless of whether it’s their specialty or something that customers don’t order as much. Also, it was a bit expensive for the quality and taste level; there are a lot more restaurants that offer far better food like Aracama or even Conti’s that does not have this self-imposed sense of privilege.

MFB RATING: 2.5 out of 5


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