Conti’s Serendra: Home-cooked Tradition

Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant

Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

24 July 2012

Since it opened a few years back, Conti’s has become a crowd favorite for diners at BGC. We are patrons of their excellent home-cooked cuisine due to their relative affordability and the quality of their food. When you visit, you feel like you’re eating at the house of someone familiar, perhaps a friend or a loved one. Familiarity is something that Conti’s tries to market and they sell it well.

When you visit, you’ll know what you’re getting a hearty and filling home-cooked style meal; coupled with the upscale yet homey ambiance, it is a place to satiate both the tummy and the soul.


They have very limited space at Conti’s Serendra, although they have two floors, it is quite small due to the number of diners that they usually have. During lunch time and dinner, expect that the waiting list will be quite long. The interiors of the restaurant are adorned with plates and pictures, it exudes a bed and breakfast vibe.

The plates add a nice touch to the general atmosphere of the restaurant, as if you’re dining at your aunt’s house somewhere in Maine or Vermont. That is if you have lived in the United States and visited a relative, which I have not. Hehehe. Puwede na din siguro yung tita mo sa Quezon City.

They use this rustic ceiling fan, the one you often see in old homes but of course much newer than the antique ones. I think the brand of the fan is Hunter, but I’m not sure. The recessed lighting adds a warm and cozy mood to the place.

I like their light fixtures, I don’t know if they’re paper lamps or cloth but they mesh well with the interiors and are great to look at.


Calamari (Php 145.00)

 Delicious squid rings and tentacles fried to a crisp.

We had Calamari for appetizers, it was good though nothing extraordinary, but the fact that it was cooked well and the breading was just right makes it acceptable. It was something to munch on before the mains come in.

Paella Madrilena (Php 305.00)

With prawns and chicken.

My all-time favorite at Conti’s, it’s SO GOOD. Yum! The rice was cooked just right, not too soft or overcooked, the paella flavor locked in perfectly. I’m a creature of habit, just ask my wife; I always order this dish every time we visit. Each time that I do, the satisfaction remains the same, that’s how good it is.

Chicken Ballotine (Php 250.00)

Meat-stuffed boneless chicken breast rolled in creamy sauce and served with buttered vegetables and garlic rice.

My sister had this, I tried it and I was happy. The sauce was just right, creamy with no remnants of graininess often found in other cream based sauce. The chicken was tender and there was no overwhelming taste of either the chicken or the sauce. There was a perfect balance of flavor, together with the texture of the chicken; the dish was very much appreciated.

Conti’s Baked Salmon (Php 355.00)

Norwegian pink salmon baked with our very own topping, served with buttered vegetables and paella rice.

If the Madrilena is my favorite dish from Conti’s, the baked salmon is my wife’s. My conservative selection might have rubbed off her, but it’s no wonder because the salmon is also a dish to behold. The perfectly crusted fish, buttered and with garlic, is seared perfectly and seasoned well. I wouldn’t mind having this every time I visit.

Mocha Frappe (Php 125.00)

The drink tasted like chocolate milk shake with hints of mocha, I liked it because the coffee taste was not overwhelming.


Familiarity breeds contempt, but I will never grow contemptuous of Conti’s; I admit I am a fan and a die-hard follower of this home-cooked style restaurant. I would have to say, Conti’s deserves a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The service is warm and accommodating, although during rush hours their service takes time, which is understandable. The food sets a standard for establishment’s offering the same kind of cuisine, Conti’s offers relatively cheap eats for high-quality cooking.

You will never go wrong with Conti’s; the food is way above standard, the ambiance is familiar and the prices are within relative reach.



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