Corniche @ Diamond Hotel: The Refined Buffet

Corniche Buffet at Diamond Hotel, Manila

04 March 2012

This was our third time at Corniche; due to family relations, we are often invited to Diamond Hotel as a relative is quite close to the owner. Good for us then. I love the interiors of the hotel, the lobby is very straightforward but once you go inside, near the reception of Corniche, the well-appointed nook including the grand staircase adds flavor to the overall dining experience.

Diamond Hotel, taken from the poolside area.

It looks like an old building but the interiors of the hotel is more than acceptable; it is apparent that the hotel is aiming to reach for the stars and fight for its fair share of the local hotel business.

Metal artwork at the back of where we sat. It was a very interesting piece.

The happy diner.

Again, I was unable to take pictures of the full spread. This was in the Indian portion of the buffet, the Naan bread; they also had Tandoori, Chicken Tika Masala, Lamb Mutton and other offerings. Tried it and I have to say, the food was quite flavorful and it was full of spice without being too hot for my palate.

The seafood spread. One thing about buffets, I rate how well they are based on the seafood. I’m such a fan of seafood in whatever form it manifests itself to me. The shrimp was plump and sweet, a sign of its freshness. The oysters were divine, it wasn’t mapanghi, which often accompanies market-bought oysters, while the mussels were so huge! I can’t help but comment about how big and juicy the tahong was since we’ve been buying that shellfish at the market ever since I was a kid and I never had them that big.

The diner taking his fair share of the seafood. I didn’t try the crabs because it was messy to eat at such a formal dining place. I had so much mussels and oysters that I thought I was going to throw up after eating. I paired them with the cocktail sauce and some lemon.

My seafood plate. Kulang na lang lobsters and I’d be the happiest camper there is.

Tasting plate. Kare-Kare, Hakaw, Siomai and Chicken Tandoori. A variety of great food from Corniche, I have to say the quality of the dishes were near perfect — they did not scrimp on the ingredients and were perfectly cooked.

Yet another plate of seafood.

Chocolate truffles. They were a bit disappointing. They were good but not extraordinary, one would expect great desserts from Corniche but this was just OK.

Sashimi plate. Ah yes, another one of my weaknesses. I could probably eat a kilo of salmon sashimi and have room for more. The ocean pancit was also good, I just don’t know the name.  I paired the sashimi with kimchi and it was heaven. I had three servings of this portion.

My wife tells me that I should try other offerings at a buffet, but it has been a practice of mine to stick the food I really like, and from there, compare such with other buffets. I think trying out everything would be a bit confusing since buffets have varied offerings and this may confuse one’s palate.

The Final Word

Corniche is a beautiful place to dine at, the lighting fixtures and the hanging sculptures are a sight to behold. The interiors are perfect for those who want to experience a refined buffet and enjoy the company of friends or dine with their family. I know that the buffet is on the expensive side but you won’t be disappointed as they offer a wide array of selection including steak, ham, turkey and a slew of desserts for the different tastes of food lovers.

I would give Corniche a rating of 4 out of 5. Clean, tasty, refined and modern are but a few adjectives that describe this hotel buffet.


4 thoughts on “Corniche @ Diamond Hotel: The Refined Buffet

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        loyal follower mo kasi ako, everyday talaga ako nandito para magpagutom hehe

      • salamat naman. hehehe. reward? naku, wala pa akong capacity para magpapromo at ikaw na ang boss ngayon dba :p hehehe mas may kakayahan ka! hahaha subukan mo dito Jules, malapit lang naman sa office dba? sami ang GNG!

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