Murray’s New Orleans: A taste of Louisiana in Manila

New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oysters

Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

June 06, 2012

We picked up my aunt and uncle from the airport and they were quite hungry, so they asked us where we could have lunch. We decided to go to Newport Mall and try out New Orleans. Since they just came from the US and visited the real New Orleans a few months ago, I hoped that they would like the taste and vibe of the restaurant.

The place and the interiors

The interiors of the restaurant was very eclectic, it offered the Mardi gras atmosphere that New Orleans is know for. The background music was jazz and sax, echoing the sounds of New Orleans.

I love the chandelier with the cymbals; it was very interesting and showcased the uniqueness of New Orleans, the city, as a center of music and arts.

The red brick wall was just beside us and it did provide soul to the place with the windows and all, it made you feel that you were sitting outside a building in a café on the street.

The wallpaper was also out of the ordinary, they were 3D images that provided an illusion of a much bigger dining space as well as adding to the overall New Orleans ambiance.

The menu was monochromatic and straightforward. Here’s the link for the actual menu courtesy of munch punch. New Orleans Menu

They served bread and butter while waiting for the food.

My drink. Mango shake.

Limjoco’s Pork Belly PhP 350.00

Grilled blackened rub pork belly, dirty rice, pickled okra, creole fried eggplant and roasted tomatoes.

It tasted good. I liked the okra and the taste of the pork belly but I was expecting much more for its price. It was a filling dish and the serving was just right. I was a bit disappointed with the serving size because I thought that it would be more but it was enough for me.

New Orlean’s Po’boy Sandwich

My aunt said that this was a signature snack in New Orleans. We gave it a try, my mom and I shared the sandwich. I wasn’t that impressed, it was ok by my standards but I wasn’t blown away. Maybe they just didn’t get the real taste of the New Orleans specialty. My second dish was so-so. Good thing we had a great time chatting about family and the real New Orleans. My aunt and uncle said that the offering was a good try but it wasn’t near as good as the real thing.

My uncle then started talking about a dessert they had tried in New Orleans, banana foster that was flambéed in front of you; I think that they won’t do that here. The place that they were talking about was I believe quite pricey, I just forgot the name of the restaurant.

So we ordered the Banana Foster cheesecake for dessert.

Bananas Foster Cheesecake PhP 195.00

Graham crusted cheesecake, caramelized bananas, banana liquer and rum.

I liked it, it was just the right amount of cheesecake flavor blended well with banana. It was a decent take on a signature dessert, even though I haven’t tasted the original it was good enough for me to like.

My aunt had gumbo, and we immediately noticed that the serving was quite small. She said that it was a far cry from the original and that the serving portion was really underwhelming. I wasn’t able to try it hehehe I was shy to ask.

While my uncle had chowder, I tried it and it was good. He was ok with it, I think it would be tough the replicate the real New Orleans taste.

Overall, New Orleans provided a nice place with the perfect ambiance for a meal with family or friends but the price point and the serving size truly deters one from enjoying the food. I’m willing to shell out cash if the food was really good and the servings are hefty, New Orleans needs to improve on these two issues.

Estimated cost per person: PhP 400-500


Final Verdict: 3/5


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