Alba’s Restaurante Espanol – Spanish cuisine in the heart of Makati

I was a bit hesitant when my wife told me that we were going to try Alba’s lunch buffet, I’ve heard great things about the place but I am not much of a fan of stuffy and formal dining places. The restaurant was neatly hidden and tucked near Jupiter St. and Makati Avenue, when we arrived a lot of cars were arked near the restaurant good thing the security guard was kind enough to find us a decent spot to park right in front of the entrance [^_^]

To be honest this was the first time that I tried authentic Spanish cuisine, we’ve always eaten at fast food restaurants of the Spanish kind but I’m not sure how authentic and faithful there dishes are. Much to my surprise, the place was like a bistro with families and foodies having a great time enjoying the dishes, when I got over my initial hesitation I immediately went to the buffet spread and they did have a lot to offer.


Warm and Fuzzy dining area.


Formal? Maybe. Maybe not.

I was a bit self-conscious but that did not stop me from enjoying the food that was in front of me. First, I tried the tapas, I thought that Spanish tapas were similar to our tapa but I was surprised that it referred to Spanish cold cuts. I LOVE THEM. Ever since my aunt brought back cold cuts from LA every time she goes home, I’ve been hooked to the different meat products like kielbasa, liverwurst, salami, bologna, and other cold cuts and cheeses.


Clockwise from Left: Caldereta de Vaca, Cochinillo, Boquerones, Alba roll with butter and Tabla de Embutidos

Grabe. Wala akong masabi unang kagat palang dun sa cochinillo nasa langit na ako. Eto pala yung sinasabi nilang lechon na espanol, ibang level siya. Hehehe. It’s that good. The caldereta was also good, really soft and tender but retains that beefy taste. While the Boquerones a surprise, it was something new but at the same time surprisingly good. It was like the Spanish kinilaw that I had always envisioned if ever there was one. This initial plate was overwhelmingly filling and satisfying. Hay. The cochinillo is a sin one must not make but somehow I think no one can resist it.

ImageClockwise from left: Tuhod y Batoc, Lengua Sevillana, Pollo Al Horno, Pescado and Alba’s specialty Paella Valenciana

 Another sin on a plate, this was a festival of gastronomic proportions. My wife had this but I did try some of them, the paella was divine as expected. It was a far cry from what I was used to, my mom prepares paella valenciana as a specialty but this was so indulgent, they did not scrimp on the ingredients. I tried the Lengua and it tasted like perfectly cooked roast beef. Wow! 🙂
Table de Embutidos, Cochinillos and Boquerones. Toasted bread with ham pate.
Isn’t it obvious that I was addicted to the tapas and the boquerones, amazing amazing food! I wish to go back again and fill my tummy with these two dishes, I think I’ll never grow tired of it. Hehehe.
Clockwise from left: Buffalo Wings, Cochinillo and Boquerones (again! hehehe), Champignon and Paella Valenciana
I tried something new, the buffalo wings and the mushrooms. It was good but not great, the mushrooms were plump and well-seasoned while the buffalo wings were decent enough but as you might have noticed the preserved fish had me at hello. Hehehe.
Overall, Alba’s was a surprise. The place was cozy, the food was beyond excellent and you get more than what you pay for. I would give this authentic and pioneering Spanish restaurant more than two thumbs up, if ever that was possible.
I forgot to take a picture of the full spread, it would have been great to see how beautifully placed the lunch buffet was and for the reader to see the overall atmosphere that gives the place character.
A certificate of how great Senor Alba is.
Archway to the main dining area.
Me eating. Hehehe.
Overall score. 4.5/5
Highly recommended.
Near perfect score for this food place. Great food, great place, good staff and a perfect chance to try something new. Anyone wanting to go out and try authentic Spanish food should definitely give Alba’s a try.



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